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Top 10 Wireless Mice for work and play

Wireless Mice-Blewbo

By Esi Onazi

Still undecided about which mouse to buy for work and play? You can put your anxieties to rest because we’ve tested various mice that function well for both work and gaming.

Wireless Mice-Blewbo

No matter how smart and sleek your laptop is, you need an equally smart mouse to complement your work. It is just as essential to have a good mouse as it is to have a high-quality laptop. A comfortable mouse can make you work and play more comfortably, provide more precision, and even increase productivity.

There are many wireless mice to choose from, with Microsoft and Logitech offering several different models. The choice you make will depend on your budget, the laptop or PC you use, and the functionality you want.

Some individuals prefer a large, bulky mouse that takes up all of their hand space. In other cases, some prefer an extremely slim and lightweight mouse that allows them to move the mouse with their fingertips, and can easily be tucked away in their laptop case without adding any weight to it.

Whatever your choice is, there are a few things to consider when selecting or purchasing a wireless mouse to pair with your laptop.

What To Consider When Buying A Mouse

Beyond the fancy and stylish look of mice, there are a few things you should keep in mind when purchasing a mouse to pair with your laptop or desktop computer. 

Sensitivity and features

As far as the look, feel, and connectivity are concerned, the main differences between wireless mice are their sensitivity and selection of buttons and wheels. Most wireless mice come with two buttons plus scroll wheels. However, some have a two-axis wheel that shifts left or right to scroll horizontally and vertically, or additional wheels or buttons on top or on the side. Many applications support these buttons directly, but you can usually configure the buttons using the provided software. You might use them to activate specific functions or controls in a design application, for example, or to minimize, maximize and switch between open windows. Once you get used to it, it can be a real time and effort saver.

Although a more sensitive mouse is required if you have a higher-resolution screen, 1,000dpi is sufficient for most users and 1,600dpi is suitable even for graphics specialists. A resolution above 2,000dpi makes a huge difference only in professional gaming, when that extra sensitivity could mean the difference between win and defeat. It’s handy to have, but it’s not required.


Wireless mice are classified into two categories based on their connectivity. On the one hand, there are those that use a wireless transceiver that plugs into a USB port on your PC or laptop. This means you don’t need Bluetooth, which many desktop PCs don’t support, and you’re almost guaranteed a trouble-free connection. The transceiver requires a USB port, which can be scarce on some laptops, and the mouse becomes worthless if it is misplaced.

Grip and style

Generally, most users prefer to hold the device with their fingers, claws, or palms in order to get the most optimal possible experience. When it comes to choosing the right mouse grip style, it is crucial to find the one that is right for you, as this determines the mass and form of the mouse that is most comfortable to use in your hand.

Battery life

The battery life of your mouse is one of the most important aspects to consider. Today’s mice are able to run on only a single AAA or AA battery for months, but their performance and accuracy will begin to deteriorate as the battery drains. In most cases, you won’t have any problems if you keep a supply of batteries or rechargeables on hand. However, some expensive devices now have built-in lithium-ion cells, making this a less problematic option. With these batteries, you can use your device for months on end without having to worry about charging it. They charge using a USB cord, which carries both a signal and electricity, allowing you to continue to use your device while it charges. 

1. Logitech MX Master 3 

Logitech MX Master 3-Blewbo

This mouse is packed with features that will help you work smarter and faster. This Monster takes the crown as my favorite mouse of 2022.

The MX Master 3 has a Quiet Click feature that makes clicking quieter and more comfortable. It also has an 8,000 DPI track-on-glass sensor that provides precise tracking. Plus, the MagSpeed Electromagnetic scrolling is 90% faster and 87% more precise than traditional scrolling. This mouse connects over Bluetooth, the supplied 2.4GHz USB adapter or a USB cable while charging, and it can be paired with up to three different computers or devices. It uses a USB Type-C connection and a single charge can last for up to 70 days.

The MX Master 3 is also compatible with multiple operating systems and comes with an easy switch feature that allows you to switch between them effortlessly. And for even more convenience, the MX Master 3 comes with app-specific customizations that make your workflow even smoother.

So if you’re looking for a mouse that can help you boost your productivity, the Logitech MX Master 3 is the perfect choice.

2.  Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless mouse-BlewBo

The Microsoft Arc Touch wireless mouse, like many others on this list, is an award-winning mouse. It not only ranks high on our list of “cool mice,” but was named the winner of a 2011 IDEA Gold Award for design excellence for its appearance. Talk about a style icon!

This mouse combines optical power with laser precision for amazing tracking on practically any surface. You can also control your computer wirelessly from up to 15 feet away.

While this mouse has a minimalist but striking design, it is also equipped with wireless capabilities and carries the staple Microsoft touch technology. Added on are more bragging rights like the curve to power up and flatten to switch off, wireless control that operates up to 15 feet away and a smooth glide across any surface.


3. Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse-Blewbo

The mouse is ergonomically designed to help you rise above discomfort and reduce muscle strain, wrist pressure, and enhance posture. Vertical structure maintains your hand in a natural handshake position, reducing muscular strain by 10% and encouraging a more ergonomic posture. The 57-degree vertical angle relieves pressure on your wrist while keeping your thumb comfortably positioned on the thumb rest.

The Logitech MX also has superior optical tracking, with a dedicated cursor speed setting that results in four times less hand movement, reducing muscle and hand fatigue. Its distinctive shape is intended to accommodate a wide range of hand shapes and sizes, while the textured rubber surface ensures a firm, natural grip.


4. 610M Wired Wireless Gaming Mouse

 610M Wired Wireless Gaming Mouse - Blewbo

The AW610M offers optimal accuracy and performance with a native 16,000 DPI sensor for swift and deadly moves. It features an adjustable precision scroll wheel, and a 1ms/1000hz wireless, dual mode wired or wireless offering equal polling rates. All this is paired with a unique look that is sure to catch the eye of any gamer looking for their next mouse.

This mouse was primarily designed to be used for gaming, but it has become increasingly popular among those who spend a great deal of time on their computers and spend a great deal of time using them. The AW610M is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It is able to last for up to 350 hours on a single charge, which is one of the longest battery lives in its class.

There is also a custom adjustable scroll wheel – you have the choice between 12 or 24 steps per scroll wheel revolution to improve precision and control in-game (Gear Shift), as well as 7 fully programmable mouse buttons via Alienware support.


5. Dell Bluetooth Mouse

Dell Bluetooth Mouse - Blewbo

The Dell Bluetooth Mouse-WM615 offers high-performance combined with a cutting-edge design that allows you to effortlessly transform from comfort to ultra portability and increase your productivity in virtually any environment that you are in.

The Dell WM615 is a futuristic mouse design that is taking the world by storm. It is sleek, ergonomic and has an infrared sensor for tracking movement which means it can work on any surface without the need for a mouse mat. The design also includes Bluetooth connectivity, 1000 DPI, and Touch Scrolling which makes scrolling through long web pages easier than ever before. 


6. Razer Death Adder V3 Pro

Razer Death Adder V3 Pro- BlewBo

There is no doubt that the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is an incredible lightweight smart mouse that comes with all the bragging rights. Word on the street is that this is the most powerful gaming device and I couldn’t agree more. This mouse has been dubbed the lightest ergonomic Esports mouse and is 25% lighter than its predecessors. With a 4000 Hz wireless polling rate, 30k optical sensor, 26 granular levels of height adjustments, improved surface compatibility even on 4mm glass, and better power efficiency, this mouse pushes the bounds of competitive play. 

There’s a 90 Hour battery life and unlike some snubs it is compatible with multiple devices. It also has a 90 million click cycle, on-mouse DPI Control, and onboard memory . 


7. Lenovo YOGA Mouse(Black)-NA

 Lenovo YOGA Mouse(Black)-Blewbo

Not to be outdone, the Lenovo YOGA Mouse NA is an Award winning mouse with dual wireless connectivity and dual functionality (mouse and remote control when in flat mode). Its 180 Degree rotatable hinge and excellent battery life are beautiful additions that have me sold on this device.


8. Microsoft Arc Wireless

Microsoft Arc Wireless- BlewBo

This light and breezy looking mouse throws boring in the trash. With an equally minimalist look just like its counterpart the MicroSoft Arc Wireless is capable of working within 33 feet of wireless range  on a 2.4 GHz Frequency range.

It features Microsoft BlueTrack™ Technology, 40000 frames per second imaging rate, 1000 points per inch resolution and 30 inches per second tracking speed and a good 6 months battery life. This beauty also has a bendable tail to power on and off, horizontal and vertical scrolling on full scrollpane and right and left click buttons.

The Microsoft Arc wireless snubs devices lacking Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, Windows 11,10 and 8.1 and requires mouse and keyboard software to function. This damsel is as dramatic as she is lovely, and it is well worth the money.


9. Apple Magic Mouse 

Apple Magic Mouse - BlewBo

For Apple fans and enthusiasts alike, this mouse is just like everything else in the Apple lineup: expensive, exclusive, and exceedingly self-conscious. I can’t fault the Magic Mouse since, like everything before it, it fulfills, if not exceeds, my expectations. 

With this gesture-controlled trackpad mouse, yes, you read it correctly, I am compelled to accept that, strange as it is, it efficiently gets the job done. Magic Mouse has a foot shape that allows it to glide softly across surfaces. It’s also wireless and rechargeable, so you can use it on the road or at your desk. I think the most amazing thing about this smart mouse is the Multi-Touch surface, which allows you to swipe between pages and scroll using simple gestures. 

A full charge of the Magic Mouse battery can last for as long as a month. With no setup required, it’s ready to use right out of the box and automatically pairs with your Mac. Also included in the package is a woven USB-C to Lightning cable that allows you to pair your mouse with your Mac and charge it by simply connecting the cable to a USB-C port on the computer. Apple’s magic mouse, in line with fashion, is only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Macs with the latest version of OS X 10.11 or later, and iPads with the latest version of iPadOS 13.4.

10. Lenovo 0A36188 Mouse

Lenovo 0A36188 Mouse- BlewBo

If you are looking for something that is both portable and ambidextrous, then the Lenovo Wireless Laser Mouse is the right choice for you. It features a high-definition laser sensor that enables you to scroll through documents, spreadsheets, and other documents with enhanced accuracy and control. The device is also equipped with an innovative power management system, a high-efficiency laser sensor, and an all-in-one off switch that work together to extend the life of the battery by reducing power consumption.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of the ten coolest mice for work and play in 2023. While there are many other excellent options available, these ten mice stand out for their novel features, striking looks, and top-tier performance. If you’re looking for a new mouse, make sure to check out this list to pick the best one for you.


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